Montjuic, the magic mountain of Barcelona

One of the most beautiful and magical places in Barcelona are found in Montjuic, where practically every square meter has been transform into a garden or an emblematic building. This is what you can’t miss if you visit the mountain:

NATIONAL ART MUSEUM OF CATALONIA     Montjuic’s main focus. This outstanding museum raise above fountains and stairs, and its famous for its collection of Romanesque church paintings and modern catalan art and design.

MNAC (2).jpg


MAGIC FOUNTAIN OF MONTJUIC     Located below the National Art Museum of Catalonia, this fountain is, for some people, the most magical construction in Barcelona. In special dates, at night, thousands of liters of water combines with a million colors and music, creating something like this:



BARCELONA PAVILION     Design by Mies van de Rohe, this famous building is the archetype of modern architecture: extravagant materials, minimalism and the iconic Barcelona chair.



MONTJUIC CASTLE     This castle has played a decisive role in Barcelona’s history. From the Napoleonic Wars to the Spanish Civil War. Now, it’s a Military Armor Museum.



MONTJUIC COMMUNICATION TOWER     Visible from all over the city, this 136 meter tower designed by Santiago Calatrava represents an athlete holding the Olympic Flame.

TOWER (4).jpg


MONTJUIC CABLE CAR     An interesting way of seeing Montjuic and Barcelona, this cable car goes from La Barceloneta beach to Montjuic top.



THE GARDENS     Doesn’t make sense numbering one by one, the whole mountain is a collection of gardens and parks. Here there are some:


MONTJUIC CEMETERY      Located on one rocky sloop of the mountain, this cemetery is well known for its sculptures and memorials.




And, of course, the views:

VIEW (3).jpg


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